Polish born on 10.02.1993 in Tarnowskie Góry. A fourth year student of the Institute of Graphic at the University of Silesia. Currently student of the faculty of Bellas Artes Cuenca UCLM under the Erasmus+ program from September 2016 until June 2017. Her interests include, in particular: poster, illustration and printmaking. She takes part in exhibitions at Poland and abroad, among others, in the Czech Republic, Russia, France and Mexico. So far, their most important achievements is winning international poster competition in Tomsk (2014); participation in graphic Biennale in France(2015), poster Biennale in Prague (2015) and poster Biennale in Lublin (2015).

All the graphics are made in the photopolymer technique. In my works, I present surreal dark visions, full of awe and a catastrophic atmosphere that can reflect the moral and spiritual state of humanity. We can see in them mysterious monsters which having the characteristics of nightmares, are accumulated through a variety of ambiguous graphics, leaving them in an understated atmosphere. The works do not have titles. The intention is for everyone to read it in their own way, without suggesting the titles given by me.